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The six-string acoustic guitar is one of the most versatile of all instruments and plays an important role in Southern folk music. It's chords add a fullness to the sound of a

band or a perfect accompaniment to a voice. As a solo instrument, it's beautiful tone commands attention.  Lets do a G run. Learn flatpicking, or finger picking for any level player.



The fiddle is an informal term for a violin. This instrument is often the centerpiece of traditional southern music, often taking solos and melodic material, sometimes providing accompaniment with a chop or chords. The fiddle is very versatile, playing anything from bluegrass and old-time music to classical, country, celtic, blues, or jazz.





The banjo is the most identified instrument with bluegrass/folk. Traditional music is steeped in the sounds of the banjo and its driving force. The boundaries of the banjo have been pushed to include more contemporary sounds and tunes. Check learn Foggy Mtn Breakdown off your bucket list.



The mandolin provides the rhythm chop in bluegrass music and is also a solo instrument. The 4 pairs of strings make the instrument powerful and strong. The mandolin is versatile with origins in classical music, irish tunes, charro,

and in many acoustic genres of today.  Channel your inner Bill Monroe today and learn the mandolin.



or resophonic guitar, as it is also known, has been made famous in folk music by the likes of: Josh Graves, Mike Auldridge, Rob Ikes, Jerry Douglas, and Tut Taylor. Typically played fingerstyle the dobro has a unique sound that is also popular in blues music.



It's more than just an oversized fiddle. The bass provides the foundation for a band situation. It is played mostly pizzicato style for folk music and provides the much needed low end in the mix.  There is always a need for a good bass player. Favorites are Ben Issacs, Tom Gray, Paul Kowert, Charlie Mingus, and Mark Shatz.



This is regarded as one of the easiest string instruments to learn. The Appalchian dulcimer is a core instrument found in the American old-time tradition but its use has also expanded to modern and popular music. Usually played accross the lap, it can be strummed  or finger-picked and chorded with a dowel or the fingers.


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